One racist bigot can tarnish a whole community

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Artikel menarik ini dipetik daripada Free Malaysia Today. Sesuai untuk dibaca dan direnung bersama:

From Kua Kia Soong

The Ngee Ann Poly Chinese lecturer filmed making racist remarks to a man of Indian descent about his “preying on a Chinese girl” in Singapore has exposed the embarrassing racism of some members of the Chinese community.

As an ethnic Chinese, I felt angry that this racist bigot could feel so confident as to utter such rubbish about how people should keep to their own “race”. Is it because ethnic Chinese are the majority in Singapore?

Well, this video has circulated widely in Malaysia and elsewhere as well and it certainly does not help the image of the Chinese anywhere in the world.

In the old days, such racists, when confronted, would sometimes deny their behaviour but today, there is no escaping social media when such videos go viral.

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Kongsi Bersama

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